Team Access

Invite your team

Refiner allows you to share one account with your team using multiple user login credentials. You can invite as many colleagues to your Refiner account as needed.

Navigate to Account Settings > Team to invite team members.

Then, invite team members by clicking on the button in the top right of the page.

When inviting a new team member, you’ll be asked for their name, email address and their user role (see below). Once you’ve entered their contact details, they’ll receive an email with a link that allows them to join your team.

Please note that user profiles in Refiner can only be part of one team account. If you get a message that an email is already taken, it means that they’ve already created an account or joined another team at Refiner. You can contact our support team in this case and we can link them to your team.

By default, accounts are limited to 100 team members but we’ll be happy to increase this number for you. Please contact our team if you want to invite more than 100 team members.

User Roles

Each team member in your Refiner account has a user role attached to their profile. The roles currently available at Refiner are Admin, Manager and Analyst. Below you’ll see a grid of the access rights that come with each user role.

Create and edit surveyxx
Manage user segmentsxxx
Manage team alertsxx
Manage integrationsxx
Tag survey responsesxxx
Create reporting dashboardsxxx
Change environment survey settingsxx
Change environment data & security settingsx
Invite team membersx
Manage environmentsx
Manage billingx

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