Mobile SDKs

Install our Mobile SDK

To launch surveys in your mobile app, you first need to install our Mobile SDK.

Once the SDK is installed, you’ll have full control over all surveys directly through the Refiner dashboard. No code changes are necessary to launch new surveys or adjust existing survey campaigns.

Our mobile SDKs are available for the following platforms and frameworks:

All SDKs offer the same functionalities, targeting options and APIs. You can find a generic SDK reference that covers all platforms here.

Platforms specific installation guides, docs and sample apps can be found directly in the repositories linked above.

Identify app users

To make use of all the targeting options that are provided for Mobile In-app Surveys, it is mandatory that you identify your users.

When our Mobile SDK gets loaded in your app, you can use the “Identify User” method to send a user ID and user traits to your Refiner environment.

Track user bevahiour

Next to identifying users, our Mobile SDKs also allows you to track their behaviour. You can send us information about the current screen a user is on, and events they performed in your app. The information can then be used to launch surveys at the right moment.

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