Tracking User Events

Next to importing user traits, Refiner also lets you track user event data. You can use event tracking to launch in-app surveys for users that performed – or didn’t perform – a specific action in your product.

You can track user events with our Web-Client and Mobile-SDKs, or use one of our backend integrations (e.g. Segment, REST API, …).

Once event data is flowing to your Refiner environment, you can use it to create data driven user segments. These segments can then be used as Target Audiences for your surveys or for data analysis in the reporting dashboard.

Event tracking is available in our Growth and Enterprise pricing plans. The Essentials plan does not support user event tracking.

Please note: When connecting a third party data source such as Segment, all user events are tracked automatically. We will count the number of times an event occured for a given user in a given time period. However, we do not store attributes that might be included in the event payload.

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