Collect Partial Responses

By default, Refiner stores survey response data after every step of a survey. In the event that a user abandones a survey half way through, you’ll still see their answers to the first questions in your Refiner dashboard. We are calling these survey responses “Partial Responses”.

Having the option to collect Partial Responses enabled, will give you more data points to work with. This is especially true if your surveys contain several questions as there is usually a drop-off after 2-3 questions.

However, there might be scenarios where you only want to store completed survey responses where the user actually finished the entire survey.

You can toggle the option to collect partial survey data under “Settings > Survey Settings”.

If the option is activated, you can choose after how many minutes Refiner should consider a partial survey response as “closed”. You can also choose whether or not partial survey responses should trigger alerts and integrations that usually only trigger on completed responses.

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