Download Survey Responses

You can download all your survey and user data to a spreadsheet in Excel (XLS) or CSV file formats. This is useful if you want to perform further data analysis outside of Refiner.

Refiner offers two ways to export and download your data. You can either download a list of survey responses, or a list of user profiles.

Besides downloading your data as a XLS or CSV file, you might also consider using our integrations, webhooks or API to export your data in an automated manner.

Export survey responses

The Survey Responses page includes a download option in the top right corner of the page. Most of our customers use this download option to export their survey response data.

Included in the download are all survey responses that match the date range settings in the top navigation, as well as the filter conditions in the right sidebar.

The “last shown” date as a reference date for ordering and filtering survey responses. Please note that the “last shown” date of a survey response can be updated over time, for example if you are using our Follow-Up Mode.

You can also choose which data fields you want to include in the file download. You choose to include the following columns:

  • Base Info: the User Id, survey name and when the response was received
  • Meta Data: detailed information on when a user saw the survey for the first time, how often they saw it, etc.
  • Responses Data: The actual survey question responses provided by the user
  • User Traits: All other data which we have on record for the user that responded to the survey

Export user profiles

This download option is located on top of the table on the User Segments page. The file contains a list of user profiles, including their user traits and survey response data.

The downloaded file includes user profiles that are part of User Segment selected in the left sidebar. You can choose to include columns that are currently visible in the data table, or all traits which we have on record for your users.

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