New Feature
November 24, 2022

Add contextual information with Magic Variables

Magic Variables allow you to store contextual data, such as the current URL of a user or where their country, alongside survey responses or user profiles.

You can learn how to use Magic Variables for Web-App and Website Popup Surveys here. Magic Variables also work in combination with Survey Links.

Currently, the following list of Magic Variables is supported:

Variable Description
__COUNTRY_CODE__ The country code of the user
__CURRENT_URL__ The current URL of the user
__IP_ADDRESS__ The current IP address of the user
__LOCALE__ The locale value of a user
__WEB_BROWSER__ The web browser name of the user (e.g. Chrome 27)
__WEB_DEVICE_OS__ The operating system of the user (e.g. Mac OS)
__WEB_DEVICE_TYPE__ The device type of the user (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile)
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