This is How Lead Qualification Should Have Been Working All Along

From allowing you to create custom lead scoring models to qualifying leads for you automatically, Refiner empowers your sales team to focus on the best sales opportunities only. Built for self-serve B2B SaaS companies.

Image of how lead intelligence works by collecting and processing customer data to qualify leads.
Image showing the process of collecting lead intelligence from various data sources.

Hook Up Your Lead Data

Start by importing leads and user data from wherever you have it right now - with our JavaScript snippet, our API, through Segment, Zapier or good old CSV files.

The more data you provide, the better. You can also track behavioral data and custom user events.

Refiner will enrich those profiles automatically through third-party integrations like Clearbit or FullContact.

Image of settings used to specify customer profiles for lead qualification.

Define Ideal Customer Profiles

Next, tell Refiner what you’re looking for in the best users.

In Refiner, you can create lead scoring models based on any attributes - from email or web domain quality to detailed demographic data, user activity, and purchase intent signals.

Refiner uses all that lead data to create rich account profiles on the fly. Easily discover users who are a good fit for your product.

Image showing the result of lead qualification process and the lead score.

Surface and Review Product Qualified Leads

Refiner pre-qualifies your leads based on your lead scoring models and engagement scores. Your best opportunities are automatically put on a fast track to your CRM.

For non-obvious candidates you have the final say. Review your best Product Qualified Leads, quickly marking the ones your sales reps should focus on next.

A visual showing how lead data can be distributed to other sales tools.

Keep Your CRM in Sync and Notify the Team

Your team stays in the loop all the time. Refiner notifies your reps about new opportunities to process. It will also push the best leads to your CRM, or update existing records with the enriched insights you’ve collected.

An image showing a prize representing the victory of closing a deal.

Close Those Deals!

With your best leads lined up in your CRM, you can focus on closing those deals. Refiner constantly fills your pipeline with incredible sales opportunities to process.

Who is Refiner for?

Freemium or Free Trial SaaS
You offer a free trial or freemium accounts and need a way to surface the biggest sales opportunities among them.
Many Lead Generation Campaigns
You run multiple lead generation strategies that deliver a significant amount of inbound leads you want to qualify.
CRM Overload
You’ve been adding all inbound leads to the CRM and now can’t tell high- and low-quality accounts apart.
Widely Spread ARPU
You collect a wide variety of leads - small companies to big enterprises - and need to uncover high value accounts quickly.

Lead Qualification Built For SaaS Specifically