This is How Lead Qualification Should Have Been Working in SaaS All Along

Refiners uncovers your best Product Qualified Leads and provides insights to start relevant sales conversations with them. Built for Product-Led SaaS companies specifically.

Hook Up Your User Data

Start by importing user profiles from your application with our JavaScript client, through Segment or our API. These people are actively using your product and offer the biggest opportunity to convert or upsell.

The more data you provide, the better. You can also track behavioral data and custom user events.

Refiner will enrich those profiles automatically through third-party integrations like Clearbit or FullContact.

Image showing the process of collecting lead intelligence from various data sources.

Define Your Ideal Customer Profiles

Next, specify the characteristics of your ideal customers. Refiner offers a ridiculously simple way to create customer profiles. It takes hardly any time.

In fact, you just need to select the options that match your Ideal Customer Prolfile (ICP). Refiner does the rest and automatically identifies users who are a good fit based on your model.

Image of settings used to specify customer profiles for lead qualification.

Uncover Your Best Product Qualified Leads

Refiner qualifies your users automatically based on your Ideal Customer Profiles and their product engagement. Continuously, it surfaces your best Product Qualified Leads (PQLs), suggesting which high-value opportunities your sales team should focus on.

Image showing the result of lead qualification process and the lead score.

Keep Your CRM in Sync and Notify the Team

Your team stays in the loop all the time. Refiner notifies your reps about new opportunities to process. It will also push the best leads to your CRM or update existing records with the enriched insights you’ve collected.

A visual showing how lead data can be distributed to other sales tools.

Start Relevant Conversations And Close More Deals

To close those deals, you need to know how to engage those people successfully. Refiner provides you all the context to get the conversation started.

An image showing a prize representing the victory of closing a deal.

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