Lead Scoring Software Built for SaaS, Specifically

Finally, The Quickest Way to Uncover Absolutely the Best Sales Opportunities

We get it; you want to sell more ...

You want to convert those inbound leads, freemium accounts or trial signups into paying users. It’s just that your sales team rarely seems to discover those magic, 10X revenue accounts quickly.

Sales reps waste an awful lot of time trying to engage unqualified leads instead. Some of them attempt to score leads manually. They scout LinkedIn for more information and devise complex systems to process that data. But given how much effort it takes, they give up quickly.

That’s why we built Refiner - So that you could qualify inbound leads fast with an AI-assisted predictive lead scoring.

Refiner analyzes all your user information – the CRM profile, demographic and firmographic data, product usage and the purchase intent – to tell you who’s ready to buy.

An image showing a customer profile with all the data need for lead scoring.

Get a complete view of all your inbound leads

Refiner plugs into your current sales workflow and acts as a triage between the stream of inbound leads and your sales team. Import all lead data from wherever it is right now and enrich them further.

A visual showing how settings used to specify lead scoring model look like.

Define lead scoring models to surface the most promising opportunities

In Refiner, you decide who your best customer is. Create Ideal Customer Profiles using a multitude of attributes based on customer data and engagement signals. Once set up, Refiner’s predictive lead scoring algorithm will use it to qualify all your inbound leads.

Chart representing the different customer segments and where the biggest sales opportunities are.

Surface candidates who are ready to buy

Refiner analyzes all customer data against customer profiles and engagement patterns to identify the most promising opportunities. Candidates you want to review are delivered to your leads inbox. Obvious candidates are discarded or put on a fast track to your CRM automatically.

Image showing how Refiner can push the hottest sales opportunities to the CRM and other sales tools.

Push the best leads to the CRM and close those sales faster

Refiner plugs into your existing workflow, so you don’t have to move leads to the CRM manually. All you have to do is mark the best candidates. Refiner will push them there automatically and also notify your team of the new opportunities to process.

But Do You Really Need to Score Leads?

Without Lead Scoring
  • Sales reps waste time on unqualified leads because they miss the data to evaluate them properly
  • They fail to discover high-quality accounts, often because they go through the leads too quickly
  • They have no means of identifying high-quality free leads that promise an opportunity to buy
  • Everyone on the team is stressed out, frustrated, and at their wits end.
With Lead Scoring
  • Sales teams focus on the best accounts only. They also know what makes those people the most likely candidates and can tailor their strategies to engage them fully.
  • Reps can also spend more time per account, resulting in more closed deals.
  • Finally, your team is relaxed and more satisfied at work, driving their performance even further.