Customer Feedback Hub: Collect And Manage All Your Survey Responses

Written by Moritz Dausinger, CEO of Refiner

In this month’s feature update we are presenting to you our brand new Customer Feedback Hub.

We were actually hesitating to call this blog post a “feature update” because we think it doesn’t really pay justice. But for lack of a better word, let’s just go with it.

So what is a Customer Feedback Hub?

And why do we think it is a big deal for the future of Refiner?

A central place to collect and manage customer feedback

Technically speaking, the Feedback Hub is a new section in your Refiner dashboard.

When visiting this new section, you’ll see the survey responses of the last two weeks in reverse chronological order.

You can filter your survey responses by user segment and date if you want to dig deeper.

As you can see in the screenshot below, ratings collects with our NPS widget are displayed in different colors. This allows you to quickly identify NPS Promoters and Detractors and follow up with them accordingly.

Star ratings are visually highlighted as well.

Screenshot of the new Customer Feedback Hub

All in all, the page is optimized for quickly flipping through the latest survey responses.

Looks nice … but how is this a big deal?

The short answer is that the new Feedback Hub is only the beginning of a series of new and exciting upcoming features.

Towards collaborative real time feedback management

Since the inception of Refiner, we are focusing heavily on the “and then what” part of customer surveys.

We believe that collecting customer data is just a first step and that the real value creation lies in what comes after you’ve received survey responses.

In our latest product update, we launched a reporting dashboard, allowing you to perform in-depth analysis of your survey data.

With the new Feedback Hub, we are opening up a whole range of different use-cases though.

In the long term, the Customer Feedback Hub will become a one-stop destination to manage and act on your customer feedback.

Together as a team and in real-time.

With this first version, we laid the groundwork for our long term vision of Refiner: Building the best customer survey tool for scaling SaaS companies.

There you have it … This is why we are so excited.

We hope you are too? 🙂

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