Collect Actionable Insights From Your Users

Simple and beautiful micro-surveys to better profile your users, uncover great sales opportunities and drive ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns.

Increase Conversion Rates and Customer Retention With Better User Data

Hugging Face Gradually Profile New And Existing Users
Marketing Sales Product

Don’t scare leads away with bloated sign-up forms or noisy chatbots. Capture relevant user properties on the fly with in-app customer surveys.

Envelope Drive Ultra-Personalized Nurturing Campaigns
Marketing Sales

Sync survey data to your favorite ESP / CRM and use it for micro-targeting and personalized nurturing campaigns.

Hugging Face Enrich CRM Records With Survey Data

Say good bye to manually updating your CRM. Enrich CRM records automatically with data captured directly from your users.

Crown Identify Upsell Opportunities

Know which users could qualify for a higher tier plan and make sure your sales team engages with them quickly.

Hugging Face Build Tailored Product Experiences
Product Growth

Better understand the needs and use-case of each individual user and adapt their product experience accordingly.

Chart Measure and Analyse User Cohorts

Survey users shortly after sign-up and learn which marketing channels bring in the most successful leads.

Thumbs Up Measure User Satisfaction
Customer Success Product

Know what your biggest fans value most about your product. Get precise customer feedback tied to individual user profiles for further in-depth analysis.

Waving Hand Trigger Post-Purchase Engagement
Customer Success Marketing Growth

It's a special moment when a user upgrades their account. Don’t let it just slip away. Ask for specific insights or a testimonial right away.

Lightbulb Product Feature Research
Product Customer Success Marketing

Stop guessing which features your users desperately need. Plan and prioritize feature development with quantitative and qualitative customer feedback.

Better Profile Users With Micro-Surveys.
Always On-brand and Perfectly Timed.

Snappy Survey Widgets With a Native Feel

Embeddable in-app surveys don’t need to feel clunky. Customize the appearance of your customer survey widget and deliver an on-brand user experience.

Ask Questions That Matter

Make better decision based on customer data that is actually relevant and useful. Ask your users specific questions on the fly while they are using your product - this is when they are most engaged and trust your brand.

Ask the Right Users at the Right Time

Target users based on their properties and in-app behaviour, or launch a survey programmatically when a specific event occurs.

Put Your Data Into Action

Receive notifications via email or in Slack, send survey responses to Segment or Zapier, enrich existing records in your CRM automatically. Refiner offers all the integrations you need to fully leverage your data.

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Getting started with Refiner is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. No credit card required.

Simple Pricing That Scales With Your Growth

Start with a free account today and upgrade to a paid whenever you're ready. Setting up Refiner takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required.

Starter Ask specific questions at the right time and get to know your users


  • Unlimited Surveys & Questions
  • Up to 1 000 Monthly Active Users

  • User Segmentation
  • Basic Survey Triggers
  • Team Notifications
  • Hide Refiner Branding
  • Zapier Integration
  • Segment Integration
  • REST API & Webhooks Access
  • Native CRM Integations

Scale Tailored user profiling solutions to power your sales machine.

$ 79 / month

  • Unlimited Surveys & Questions
  • Up to 10 000 Monthly Active Users

  • User Segmentation
  • Advanced Survey Triggers
  • Team Notifications
  • Hide Refiner Branding
  • Zapier Integration
  • Segment Integration
  • REST API & Webhooks Access
  • Native CRM Integations

Still Not Convinced?

Relevant and reliable customer data is the lifeblood of any online business.

As a software vendor, having the right customer data means that you know exactly who your users really are, what they need and how you can help them to get the most out of your product.

It allows you to increase conversion rates with personalized nurturing campaigns, better retain your customers, identify great upsell opportunities, etc.

The list goes on!

But how do you get precise and relevant customer data?

Asking additional questions during the sign-up process is not really an option. Conversion rates are plumbing with every question you add to your sign-up form.

What’s more, asking specific questions during the sign-up process often results in inaccurate data. Give your users the chance to settle in and build up a trust relationship with your brand first.

Enriching user profiles with Third Party Enrichment APIs is a good alternative to forms - in theory. The data returned by enrichment services is however rather generic and unfortunately not that helpful most of the time. Assuming you have a hit and get back any data at all.

And what about Chatbots? Let’s face it. They provide a rather noisy user experience and have very low response rates.

This is why we build Refiner.

With Refiner you can capture relevant customer insights in an unobtrusive way. Asking your users simple questions at the exact right moment will get you all the answers you need. Promised!

Setting up Refiner is easy too! Copy & paste our JavaScript code snippet once and launch new customer surveys with only a couple of clicks.

Want to Try Refiner?

Getting started with Refiner is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. No credit card required.