User Research Software for Data Driven SaaS Teams

Capture survey responses, combine them with your own data and surface unique customer insights instantly.

Screenhot of the Refiner user research dashboard

Uncover customer insights. Quickly.

No matter if you want to run a throughout user research campaign or just quickly validate an assumption. Refiner has you covered.

Illustration showing in-app survey widgets and common survey questions

Collect all the customer data you need

In-app survey widget are the perfect tool to capture contextual customer feedback.

  • Run ad-hoc or "always on" campaigns
  • Survey users at the exact right moment
  • Optimized for high response rates
Illustration showing survey responses

Quickly flip through survey responses

Identify your biggest fans and users that are at risk of churning at a glance.

  • Quick access to survey responses
  • Receive alerts for new responses
  • Filter responses by user segment
Illustration of the Refiner segmentation engine

Bring in even more user data

Segments customers like never before using survey responses, imported user traits and behavioral data.

  • All survey data in one place
  • Combine with your own user data
  • Track user behavior
Illustration showing different chart types of Refiner

Connect the dots and uncover new insights

Visualize survey data in real time and uncover actionable insights instantly.

  • Filter and segment survey data
  • Pie, Bar and Timeline Charts
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Charts

Uncover new customer insights today

Refiner helps you understand who your users really are and how you can help them succeed. Seamlessly and in real time.

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