Real-time Notifications and Daily Digests

Start Processing the Best Opportunities Immediately as They Are Qualified

In sales, timing is everything.

If you wait too long to process a good lead, you might lose them forever. Leave their data outdated in the CRM and no one will process the new opportunity for days. And that’s going to have the same effect on your close rate as if you’ve never contacted that person at all.

But that’s not going to happen to you. Not when you’re using Refiner, anyway.

Refiner offers a whole range of notification options, so you and the sales team know about new opportunities right away, and have the most up to date data to reach out and engage them further.

Notify Your Team via Email, SMS or Slack in Real-Time

Once Refiner qualified a lead, you want to act quickly. So, send a notification to your reps via email, SMS or Slack so they could process it right away.

An image of Refiner’s CRM integrations.

Get Daily Digest Emails with Your Best Sales Opportunities

Refiner sends you a list of qualified leads each day via email or Slack. In the message, you will find most of the lead data and a link to more details. You don’t even have to log into the app to process leads.

A visual representation of a daily lead scoring digest email.

Get New Opportunity Notifications via Slack

Refiner can also send notifications to Slack if you prefer it. You’ll get a notification in the channel of your choice (i.e., #sales,) along with the most important lead insights and links to more details.

A new Slack notification of a new sales opportunity.