Personalized in-app survey widgets for your SaaS

Stop feeling restricted by your tools and push the limits of personalization. Get more responses and increase their accuracy with our highly configurable in-app survey widgets.

Quadruple survey response rates

Contextual in-app surveys outperform traditional email surveys in many ways. Achieve incredibly high response rates with perfectly timed microsurveys.

Precise Targeting

Target all users or segment them by traits and behavior.

Perfectly Timed

Launch your survey at the exact right time with advanced launch triggers.

Pixel-Perfect Design

Customize your widget and let it blend with your brand experience.

Branching Logic

Provide relevant experiences with branching and dynamic instructions.

Create high-converting microsurveys in minutes ...

Start with the right templates for SaaS

Start in just a few clicks from one of our templates. We have what you need: NPS, CSAT, CES, Product/Market Fit, etc.

Customize every aspect of your survey

Tweak our templates or build your own survey from scratch. Choose from 12+ question types and customize them to fit your needs.

Surveys with your own style

Use your own colors, customize the style of your surveys, and select slide-in position. You can even display surveys as modals or banners. Plus, we provide full white label customization for our enterprise customers.

Target the right users at the right time

Target specific users based on traits, behaviour, or previous survey responses with our powerful segmentation engine. Launch surveys at the exact right moment in a user’s journey with trigger options designed for SaaS use cases.

Unlock the full power of microsurveys

Logic Jumps & Branching

Customize your survey based on answers to get the most accurate feedback possible.

Liquid tags

Create more personalized surveys by using customers’ names and information.

Hidden fields & prefill responses

Don’t ask people questions you already have the answer to.

Follow-up Mode

Don’t give up on users dismissing a survey. Follow-up multiple times until a user completes a survey.

Partial Responses

Capture precious insights even when a user dismisses a survey halfway through.

Dynamic Call-to-Actions

Invite respondents to take action right after their answers. Ask for a review, offer a coupon, schedule a call, etc.

All the integrations you need

We have Segment, Zapier,, and more integrations to come.

Slack and email notifications

Receive customer feedback where you spend most of your time.

Mobile friendly

All our surveys look great in desktop and mobile browsers. Plus, add them directly to your apps with our SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native.

Rich text

Use Markdown to display text in your surveys: for questions, CTAs, instructions, and thank you pages.

Progress bar

Let respondents see a progress bar to know it’s going to be over soon.

Fully translatable

As a European company, we have many multilingual customers and care about them.


We looked at various NPS solutions but Refiner was the only one which was built from the ground up to meet the needs of SaaS companies. Refiner gives us complete flexibility and their surveys match our UI/UX 100%.

Mathieu Le Roux - Voice of the Customer Manager

Mathieu Le Roux

Voice of the Customer Manager


Refiner is the tool we were searching for to better profile our users, and gather feedback about our products. It’s very easy to set up, comes with a great UX for our users and the team is very reactive.

Javier Escribano - CPO

Javier Escribano


Launch your first survey widget in minutes

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required. No hidden fees.