NPS for Data Driven SaaS Growth Teams

Turn your SaaS into an automated growth machine with simple & beautiful NPS surveys.

Screenshot of the Refiner in-app NPS widget.
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Built for SaaS specifically

Don't settle with a generic NPS tool. Refiner was designed from the ground up to match the needs of modern SaaS companies.

Launch beautiful in-app survey widgets

Survey your users while they are using your product and achieve incredible response rates.

Illustration of the Refiner NPS widget

Ask tailored follow-up questions

Make your NPS feedback actionable with custom follow-up questions. Ask different questions based on the given NPS score.

Illustration of a custom NPS follow-up question

Survey at the exact right moment

Generate a constant stream of high quality NPS feedback with perfectly timed surveys. Target specific user with advanced trigger options.

Illustration of the survey widget triggers of Refiner

Respond to NPS feedback quickly

Receive notifications in Slack or by email. Quickly flip through the latest responses, act accordingly and delight your users.

Illustration showing NPS responses

Connect the dots and inform your strategy

Segment users by NPS rating and answers from follow-up questions. Uncover precious customer insights instantly.

Illustration of an NPS survey dashboard

Turn NPS responses into real time actions

Trigger workflows in Zapier, sync NPS ratings other tools, or use Webhooks and our API for deep integrations.

Illustration of the integration options of Refiner
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Essentials Survey your users and uncover actionable customer insights
$ 39 /month
  • Brandable NPS survey widget
  • Custom follow up questions
  • Slack & Email notifications
  • Zapier integration
  • Up to 500 responses /mo
  • Everything from Essentials
  • Logic Jumps
  • Full white label
  • REST API & Webhooks
  • integration
  • Up to 2.500 responses /mo
Enterprise Scale up with a customer centric growth strategy
Starting at $ 199 /month
  • Everything from Growth
  • Native CRM integrations
  • Custom terms & contracts
  • Premium Support
  • 10.000+ survey responses

Net Promoter Score is not just another metric

From preventing customer churn to informing your overall strategy.

The Net Promoter Score is above all a system that helps you grow your SaaS.

Refiner turns your SaaS into an always-on growth machine.

Measure customer satisfaction Measure customer satisfaction

A precise and standardized way of measuring customer satisfaction.

Prevent churn Prevent customer churn

A powerful tool to spot unhappy customers and prevent user churn.

Mobilize promoters Mobilize your promoters

Let your biggest fans help you grow your brand with referrals, testimonials and reviews.

Inform strategy Inform your strategy

Collect additional feedback and make data driven product and marketing strategy decisions.

Grow your SaaS today with Net Promoter Score surveys

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