Multi-Language Surveys

While Refiner does not have a have a built-in translation feature, it’s easy to run surveys in multiple languages.

Our survey widgets are fully customizable and you can translate every visual element to literally any any language.

If you want run multilingual survey campaigns, here is what you can do:

  1. Make sure that user profiles in your Refiner account have a “language” or “locale” trait. Identifying your users and submitting information about the preferred language of a user on record is a prerequisite to run a multilingual survey campaign in Refiner.
  2. Create a target audience for each language you want to launch a survey for using the language / locale trait as a filter condition.
  3. Create a first survey in your preferred language. This will be your master survey and will serve as a blueprint for all other languages. Please make sure the survey is working correctly and that all questions are included before your proceed.
  4. Make a copy of your master survey for each language. To do so, please use the “Duplicate Survey” feature and don’t just create a new survey from scratch. By using the Duplicate feature, it will be possible to match and group responses in one language to responses in other languages.
  5. Translate each survey to the language of choice and select the corresponding target audience for each of them.

You should now have one survey for each language, each with its own corresponding target audience.

As you used the “‘Duplicate Survey” feature, questions will have the same internal identifier across all languages. That means that it will be possible to merge survey responses from different languages and analyze them all together in one view.

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