Target Audiences

Refiner comes equipped with a powerful segmentation engine that sits at the heart of our solution. Amongst other use-cases (e.g. analyzing your survey responses), user segments are a great way to target a specific group of your users.

Please note: The option to target specific users with segments is available for in-app survey widgets only. You also need to identify your users to make it work.

Why you want to create target audiences

If you are just getting started, surveying all your users is a great option.

There are however many use cases where reducing your audiences to a specific group of users makes sense.

Here are some examples when targeting only a small group of users makes sense:

  • Track customer satisfaction 30 days after a user started using your product
  • Ask new users how they first heard about you
  • Ask long time users what they value most about your service
  • Ask customers on a high tier plan which missing features they would like to see implement first

Create Target Audiences

In Refiner, a Target Audience consists of a set of user segments that you created for your account. As a first step you’ll need to create one of multiple user segments according to your targeting needs. Once done, you can select those segments and create a Target Audience inside the survey editor.

  1. Navigate to the “User Segments” section in your Refiner Dashboard.
  2. Create a segment as described here. You can use as many user attributes and tracked events as needed to create your target audience.
  3. Navigate back to the survey where you want to use this audience.
  4. Navigate to the tab “Targeting” and select the user segment you’ve just created.

Save your survey and you are done! Your survey will now only be shown to users that match your newly created segment.

On top of defining the Target Audience, you can also set a a Trigger Event for even more control.

Advanced Targeting

Instead of using a single user segment as your Target Audience, you can also select multiple user segments. You can then define whether a user needs to match at least one or all selected segments.

Set one or multiple segments as your Target Audience

Working with multiple user segments has the advantage that you can easily target a smaller group of users. For example “Signed up 30 days ago” AND “Power Users”.

Furthermore, you can also exclude users from your target audience as shown below.

Exclude certain groups of users from your Target Audience

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