In-App Surveys for Mobile (Beta)

About Mobile In-App Survey

Native Mobile-App Survey Widgets are the newest addition to the Refiner solution. They are the perfect choice if you want to survey mobile app users on the iOS or Android platform.

Similar to Web-App Survey Widgets, you can leverage advanced targeting options to survey the right users at the exact right moment in their journey.

How it works

They way our Mobile In-App Surveys work is quite similar to how our Web-App Survey Widgets work. Once our mobile client (SDK) is installed in your app, surveys can be controlled entirely through the Refiner dashboard.

When creating a new survey, you’ll need to choose “Mobile SDK” as the Distribution Channel of your survey.

You’ll then be able to create a custom survey flow, style the survey, define the Target Audience and set Trigger Events right from the Refiner dashboard.

Supported Platforms

To launch survey widgets in your mobile app, you need to install our SDK which is available for the following platforms and frameworks:

All SDKs offer the same functionalities, targeting options and APIs. You can find a generic SDK reference that covers all platforms here.

Platforms specific installation guides, docs and sample apps can be found directly in the repositories linked above.

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