Page Rules

A simple yet effective method to fine tune the survey experience of your users is to show surveys only on specific pages. For example, right after checkout or when they are exploring a new section of your app.

Refiner makes it easy to define on which pages a survey should appear. You can either define a set of “Allowed Pages”, or a set of “Excluded Pages”. You can also combine the two options to make the targeting even more precise.

Each rule starts with a comparison method (Equals, Starts with, Contains) followed by a comparison value. Depending on the comparison method, you need to add either the exact URL of your page (e.g. or a significant part of the URL (e.g. /myaccount).

When you add multiple rules, a match occurs when at least one rule returns a positive result.

In the Page Rules section you’ll also find an On-Page Delay option which gives you the possibility to slightly delay the display or your survey. Usually, setting the delay to 3-5 seconds is a great way to give your users some time to settle in, without risking lower response rates.

Please note: The option to include and exclude pages works independently from our Page Visit trigger. Usually you would choose one or the other. When using Follow-Up Mode or Recurring Surveys it can be helpful to use the two in combination. In this scenario, the Page Visit Trigger and the Page Rules both need to match for the survey to be shown for the first time.

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