Recurring surveys

Refiner has a built-in option to survey your users regularly and gather responses over time.

One popular use-case for recurring surveys is to continuously track customer satisfaction. For example, you can show a NPS widget to your users every 60 days.

How do recurring surveys work

Once a user enters your target audience and a trigger event occurred, they will see your survey for the first time.

From this moment on, Refiner will show the same survey to your user continuously.

Between each run, Refiner waits for a certain time delay that you can define freely. A common value for tracking customer satisfaction would be 60 days for example.

Each time a new iteration is due, Refiner checks if the user still matches the target audience that you defined for the survey.

If the user doesn’t match the target audience anymore, the survey won’t be shown. As soon as your user matches the target audience again, they will see the survey right away.

Setting up recurring surveys

Activating the recurring survey option is simple. All you need to do is to switch the “Frequency” option in survey settings from “One-Off” to “Recurring” and define a time interval.

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