Distribution Channels

Refiner is a survey solution with a strong focus on “in-app survey widgets”. There are however situations where in-app surveys don’t work or are not the ideal choice. For those situations, Refiner also offers alternative survey channels such as email or shareable links.

Web-App Survey Widgets for Identified Users

Survey the right users at the exact right moment, while they are using your product. In-app surveys have an extremely high response rate and produce high quality responses. Unlike Website Popup Surveys, they are shown “post-signup” which means that you can tie each survey response to a user profile.

Website Survey Widgets for Anonymous Visitors

Website Popup Surveys are great for surveying visitors of your marketing website. Inquire more information about who is visiting your website and how they heard about you. You can also use them as a lead generation tool.

Email Surveys

Survey users right inside their email inbox. Email surveys are a great way to re-engage with users that are currently not using your app. There is no need to change your email service provider. We provide you with a HTML code snippet that can be included in any email.

Shareable Survey Links

Create a survey link that you can share with your audience. Customize the URL of your survey link to identify your users or add hidden contextual data.

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