Customize Widget Design

Getting the design of your Micro Survey widget right is a critical step when launching a survey campaign.

In fact, designing your survey is not just about providing a great experience to the users who will fill it out.

A well designed survey that matches your brand will above all increase completion rates and will yield to more accurate responses.

Refiner offers various design options out of the box, such as

  • Custom accent and background color
  • Slide-in position on Desktop
  • Response mobile version
  • Round and squared corner style
  • Highlighted border for increases visibility
Screenshot showing Refiner’s survey design options

To get started quickly, Refiner lets you choose from a list of color themes. Obviously you can also assemble your own custom theme that matches the colors of your brand.

Example of a survey widget in “Dark Mode”

Depending on the brightness of your colors, Refiner will automatically set the text color of your widget either to Black or White.

This mechanism ensures that your survey widget has enough contrast between text and background elements and that your survey is easy to read.

Need more styling options?

For most of our customer, these styling options provide enough flexibility to deliver an on-brand user experience. For customers subscribed to an Enterprise plan, we can also provide a full white-label option with more advanced customization options.

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